Fan Fiction
MULAN: Continued 2, Disaster in the Market
By WiseChild

The walk to the village was a pleasant one and there was really no need for Shang or Mulan to say a word. Once in the market the two immediately began to look for all the food that the Fa family needed.

Swarms of people were in the village and stores of food and other wares adorned the already crowded street.

"Thank You for returning my father's helmet to its proper owner." Mulan said

"Huh? Oh yeah, of course, your welcome." Shang answered "What else do you need for supper?"

"Well..." Mulan started, then in an instant she was sprawled on the packed dirt of the street.

"Are you all right Mulan?!?!"

"I'm fine, that just caught me by surprise."

"Wait till I get my hand on the person that knocked you down and I'll..." Started Shang

"Matchmaker!?" Mulan said astounded and perhaps a bit nervous. Immediately she pulled herself to her feet and dusted of her dress.

"Pleasant to make your acquaintance." Shang said but the matchmaker did not answer.

"I have heard that YOU Mulan went into the army and SAVED the emperor. Is that so?" she mockingly asked.

"Yes matchmaker it is." Mulan answered her voice muffled because she was bowing her head.

"I should have known you would do a terrible thing like that and ruin your family's honor. Not that it wasn't already ruined by the likes of you." She said now, her head high and over powering.

I don't understand this at all. Shang thought, Mulan will march into war, run headfirst at Shan Yu, and take on the trio, but she can't handle the matchmakers scolding?

"Oh and have you found a man YET?" she asked

Before Shang could say a word Mulan answered, "No, great matchmaker."

"Humph, I hope you know why not, destroying my test. You always were a headstrong child, and your father treated you as a son, but more than anything your little army adventure has sent any possible man running. I hope that you die an unmarried wretch after you humiliated me." and with that she turned on heel and flounced (this was terribly difficult with her mounds of fat) out of the market.

"What was all that?" Shang asked and helped pick up Mulans basket of food that she had dropped when the matchmaker had bumped into her.

"It was nothing" answered Mulan quietly, "the matchmaker always greets me like that."

"Well she certainly is a charming women" Shang said sarcastically, watching her walk away. It took him a moment to realize that Mulan was crying. How long had she been crying? he thought.

Shang didn't know what to do he just watched as Mulan's huge silent tears washed down her face.

Finally Shang spoke, "Are you all right Mulan?"

Mulan didn't answer at first, "I... She... I don't know Shang. Matchmaker has always gotten to me since I was a little girl. She frightened me, because she was the one that could ensure my family's well being, or destroy it. Then right before I came to war we had the matchmaking ceremony, and... and... I completely failed it." At this point Mulan burst into a fresh burst of tears.

"Come on mulan, lets go back to your house" Shang wanted to help Mulan, comfort her, something, but he just walked dumbly beside her. I hope she stops crying before we reach her house or I shall feel silly explaining what I myself do not really understand, that happened at the market.