Fan Fiction
MULAN: Continued
By WiseChild

"Would you like to stay for dinner" Mulan and Grandmother Fa asked in unison. With grandmother adding "Would you like to stay forever?"

"It would please me greatly to join you for dinner" Shang answered politely, completely ignoring the second question raised by grandmother Fa.

"Grandmother and I shall prepare the meal While you and father show Shang around the garden." her mother said smoothly.

"Mother, I can help you in the kitchen it would really be no problem." Mulan said

"I believe Grandmother and I can handle the dinner, however if you could go to the market and pick up a few things that would be most helpful."

"Sure" Mulan exclaimed. "Father why don't you show Shang around while I go to the market?"

"That would be fine." her father answered.

"Actually I would prefer to accompany Mulan to the market, I had really no time to examine it closely on the way here so now would be the perfect time." Shang announced

"As you wish" her father said

"What shall we be needing for dinner mother?" Mulan asked

"Here is the list" her mother said as she gave it to her " I meant to go earlier, but I just had to meet this charming young man." she said smiling at Shang as she did so.

Shang slightly blushed, but said nothing "Shall we depart?" he asked

"Sure" Mulan answered and with that the two nodded to the elders and walked down the path to the Fa front door.