Fan Fiction
Submitted by Phoenix

This fic came next after the part where Mulan jumped off the roof, when the skyrocket lit by Mushu hit Shan-yu. Here’s my version of what happened next:

“Get off the roof, get off the roof…” Mulan was saying over and over again as she dashed to get away from the soon to be explosion. She jumped just in time as the rocket hit the tower and caused a tremendous display of fireworks in the sky.

As Mulan fell, she grabbed a lantern attached to a rope. She slid down looking back over her shoulder. Shan-yu was gone, or was he? Mulan felt the lantern give beneath her weight with her reflex acting, she hurriedly let go. She realized she was a not a very long way from the ground, but still enough height to give her a few broken bones or bruises. Mulan let a cry escape her lips.

Shang shook his head. He still felt a little drowsy from the beatings given to him by Shan-yu. He heard a scream and he looked up. “Mulan?” He saw her fall and quickly ran to get outside the palace.

Mulan closed her eyes and waited for the hard stone floor to hit her back. Instead, she felt strong arms come out beneath and catch her before she did. She kept her eyes closed tight as she swung her arms around muscular, broad shoulders and clutched to them tightly. She felt her heart race as she laid her head on someone’s shoulder. Though she was breathing hard, Mulan felt safe nestled in the arms of…? She opened her eyes slowly to see… SHANG!

Shang looked at the girl in his arms. He had never realized how beautiful this woman really was. Mulan lifted her eyes, meeting his. Their eyes lingered for a few moments. “Um, Shang…I…uh,” Mulan stammered. “Mulan, you…uh, sorry.” They both blushed as Shang slowly lowered Mulan down, their eyes still looking at each other.

Shan-yu’s sword fell to the ground. Mulan reluctantly tore her eyes away from him first…

(Then that’s when the story picks up, and so on and so forth…)