Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 8)
By Phadra

As Ling climbed down from the castle, Shan-Yu was at the bottom, but he ten hid quickly because he wasn't injured. Wen he as hiding, Ling and Tao came down, they were OK. But Tao the passed out from all the excitement. MUlan, Shang, Yao, and Chein-Po ran to them and asked them, "Are you alright?" Ling aid he was OK but Tao just passed out. They quickly brung Tao to Mulan's home. Of course Chein-Po and Yao helped carry Tao's horse back to Tao's house.

While Tao was laying on a spare bed while everyoe was watching her, Yao and Chien-Po were explaining to Tao's family what happened. Tao's family was very upset so they were on tere way to Mulan's house. Tao's arm was injured and so they thought that is how she is passing out for a long time. Maybe 2 hours. Tao finally woke up with a bandage wrapped around her ar. Then Tao summoned off everyone except for Ling so the can have some time alone. Tao was trying to explain what was going on and she ended by saying, "I know you pobably don't like me anymore for wha I have done." Ling shook his head, "Don't say that! Of course I like you still, after you risked your life to save me and everything!" Then it ended with a passionate kiss.

Then eveything blurred, Tao woke up. She then said, "Oh my gosh! It was only a dream!" She then started crying for she wished that whole dream was real. Mother caame and asked what was wrong. Tao explained he dream on how she met this man named Ling and how it ended. Mother comforted her and said, "It is alright! You will meet a guy like hat someday." She then left the room. Tao looked down on her lap, then she heard all this yelling and name callings. She looked down her windo and thought she saw someone who looked familier. She got in her clothes and brushed out her hair. She quickly ran outside.

As she looked closer, she just had to interupt by saing, "Excuse me" but they didn't stop. She then said again, "Excuse me!" but they didn't stop. She then said, "HEY!!!" and the did stop. She saw a man, tall, lean, big nose, and pointy ears. Then a man who was short, had a bead, and looked like what it was a black eye then said, "WHAT!?" he was about to charge up to her and punch her. Then the tall man ran up to her, looking strangely at her. He blocked Yao and then asked Tao, "Excuse my friend here." She then said, "It's alright! I have a question for you!" Then Ling said, "As do I!" Then Ling said, "Is our name..." and then she said, "But is your name..." and Ling said, "Tao?" and Tao said, "Ling?" then they said at the same time, "You were in my dream last night!"