Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 7)
By Phadra

This is the last chapter...OR IS IT? BWAHAHAHAHAHA...~music stops~ Oh...Just continue the story!

A Hun looks down the hall. He sees his Prisoner's door is open. He runs down, then he walks slowely. He sees they are both in the cellar. So he quickly slams the door. Tao and Ling gasp. The Hun laughs with horror. Tao says, "Now what are we going to do?" Ling said, "I thought you had the keys." She checked her pockets, she heard something jiggling. And then said, "Still do!" She went to te gate and made sr she saw noone. She then opened the door, they both fled away, but they didn't think their task was finsished yet. So Tao led Ling to Shan-Yu's room and hid there quietly.

Yao and Chein-Po followed the foot steps and then followed in the prison, then out and to Shan-Yu's room. They didn't make a peep.

Shang on the other hand was all tied up to the wall, until he awoke, the Hun's would throw daggers at him. They were shocked. Mulan walked in and hid also. She saw Shang and was full of rage.

But Tao stayed with Ling. They were both nervous. Tao looked up and saw a rope hanging. "I have an Idea!" she said. Ling confused, and the others including him worried. She climbed back to the rafters, Mulan did also. They looked down nervously. Tao gave Mulan a rope that eaded for Shang. Mulan said, "But he is all tied up!" Tao told Mulan to mee at the other side but facing Shang. Tao then threw her dagger right at Shangs rope. As it went through Mulan dodged down and grabbed Shang and back up. Shan-Yu cried, "NO!" Shang woke up and wondered where he was. Mulan explained to him.

Tao then went down and ran into Shan-Yu. As everyone was fighting, Shan-Yu grabbed Tao's arm and went to another room. Ling followed. Ling saw she was about to be thrown off out of the window down a 12 storie high palace. She screamed. Ling charged up and instead pushed Shan-Yu down, but Shan-Yu grabbed Tao's ahnd. She screamed. Ling said, "No!" And he grabbed her hand just in time. But Shan-Yu's weight was so heavy that Ling fell out the window too. Tao bit Shan-Yu's hand and he let go. Ling grabbed a hold of the castle wall and went down safely with Tao in his arms.