Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 6)
By Phadra

Tao eagerly made her horse run to Shan-Yu's palace. Suddenly half way to te palace, her horse sprained his ankel from running so fast. The horse didn't want to go any further, so she left him there and promiced she would be right back.

On the way Mulan, Shang, Yao, and Chein-Po went to the front of the palace gates. The climbed over it. They all split up in so they won't get caught all together. All of them did split up but none of them went to the secret passage. Only Tao knew where it was, and of couse also did Shan-Yu and the Hun's. She didn't want to go in the passage yet though. She first clibed the walls of the castles and looked in ever window. She then thought hta Ling must bee in the dungeon. She went to a window with bars, as she looked inside, Ling was all chained up, blindfolded, but he was still unconcious. She looked at him in sorrow.

She then climbed down and went to the passage way. She didn't know that 2 Hun's were guarding it though. She quietly wen through. She held er dagger out in case. As the Hun's heard her the went up the passage to get her. But she slid down, and secretely grabbed the keys from them. She as in a small room. She tried to think where she saw the window, she then said to herslef, "OK! Go 3 floors up the stairs. Go strait, then take a left turn after 3 hall ways on the left were passed, then go to the end of the hall and he's there! Good!" She hen krept and went those ways.

As everyone split up, Mulan was looking another direction. Shang ws going way off everyone's tracks. And Yao and Chein-Po were looking up the walls. They heard Tao's voice up there. They then went to to look for a way in. They saw a door open, which was the secret passage way, and went through it. The followed Tao's muddy footprints and followed them. Outisde Shan-Yu jumped in frot of Shang. Shang took out his sword and started attacking Shan-Yu. But the Hun's knocked SHang out with a club.

Tao went down the last directio and ran to te end of the hall. She saw Ling moaning. She whispered to him, "Hey! psst! Over here!" Ling could here the voice but couldn't see who it was coming from. She opened the door with the keys. She then ran and embraced him. Ling tried say something but he cloth was coering his mouth. She then took off the blindfold around his eyes and Cloth around his mouth. He tried to see who it was, but the stone blurred his vision a bit. As it cleared he saw it ws Tao. He was so happy, then he asked what happened. Tao explained what Shan-Yu told her to do, and how she really fell for Ling and tried everything to not harm him, and what happened at the lake. Ling was very confused, but Tao said that she would protect Ling from harm anytime. She then unlocked the chains around him, Ling moved his ams a bit, then embraced Tao.