Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 5)
By Phadra

Tao was at the surface trying to untangle the ropes. Yao was trying to get out of the bag. When he finally did he saw Tao in tears trying to break free. Yao helped her out and cut off the ropes tied around her. He took off the cloth around her mouth also. She tried to speak but was hiperventalating (huge huge typo). She then passed out. Yao got Chein-Po quickly. They were bak in time to ind her awake in tears. And she saw Yao and Chein-Po and took out her dagger. She then said, "NO! BRING BACK LING OR I'LL KILL YOU!" She mistakely thought tey were Hun's. She then put er dagger away and beged fo forgiveness. The let her. Yao then said, "We must get Shang! and Mulan!" Chein-Po agreed. Tao agreed but only for her to have Ling back. Then she explained "That I wanted to help Shan-Yu but then fell in love with Ling and now he is captured and..." she then paused. "I claim that I love Ling, but I don't know what to do!" She then burst out on tears.

Shang and Mulan were having dinner wit the Fa Family and then Yao and Chein-Po burst in. Mulan looked shock. "What is wrong?" she said, Shang looked puzzled then asked, "Where's Ling?" Yao explained "Thats the problem. He was captured by Shan-Yu and he need our help!" Tao was outside afraid to go in. Yao and Chein-Po explained the whole thing. Then Mulan, Shang, Yao, and Chein-Po rushed on Khan and a horse and rode off. Tao had to think for herself for awhile. It was her choice to stay behind. She then thought of a plan to save her one true love. She ran home, got on her horse Outkast, and rode to Shan-Yu's palace.