Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 4)
By Phadra

OK! I changed it a bit! On prt 2 it said grandmother was deaf...she is not now...I changed it...SORRY! And I know this barely has Mulan in it. And I know what your thinking you MUlan Fans "What gives?" Well...when I saw Mulan my favorite characters were Mulan, Ling, Chein-Po, Yao, and Mushu...But my most favoite what Ling. And then I already know wht is going to happen to Mulan and Shang, ~wedding bells are heard~ So? Instead of what happens to Mulan which the other story writers already wrote. I did a story about Ling! Iinstead of what happens to the Main Character, WHat happens to the "other" characters. Now do you undersand? ON WITH THE STORY!

Just to let you know. Si Tao is ponounced, (See Dow) ON WITH THE STORY! As Tao dried he tears, which was 2 hours ahead of time. She got ready to meet Ling at the restaurant they dined in the day before. She was excited, all for except the kidnapping. She ten tried to think of a plan that wouldn't harm her family, Ling, and herself. But it was too hard to make that plan.

Just then they heard a knock on the door, as Tao ran quickly to answer it, she saw it wasn't Ling, it was Shan-Yu. She answered it, and ran outside. Shan-Yu explained where they should meet. Then Tao raged, "NO! I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU HARM HIM!" Shan-Yu then grabbed her arm. He said, "Very well then." And he trotted off. She went back insdie and brushed out her hair. Another knock was on te door, she quickly answered it, it was Ling! She then quickly said bye to her mother and grandmother. Then they both rode off on Ling's horse.

Shan-Yu was at the corner, he ordered 5 of his men to follow Ling and Tao. He then ordered 10 of his men to destroy Tao's house. And then he said, the rest will wait with me. Little does anybody know this. Even Tao! Yao and Chein-Po were listening. They thought that Chein-Po should hide around Tao's house and Yao should follow them. Then they did their jobs.

Ling was tellign Tao how great her family was. Tao smiled and thanked him and then she said that she hasn't met his family yet though. He explained they were to busy. In fact, he doesn't meet them that much either. But he explained that when he had time to talk to them he told them about Tao. She smiled. The 5 men were looking at Tao and Ling together. One of them was stupid enough to say, How sweet. Then a Hun slapped him. Yao was at the other window lookig at Ling and Tao.

After dinner, they both went off to the lake and stared at the starry nite with a full moon. Then they gazed their reflection on the water and smiled. Lily pad's were floating on te lake. A frog hopped on one, then fell. They both laughed. Tao rested her head on Ling's shoulder and said, "This is the greatest night I ever had for as long as I remember." Ling agreed.

Yao was looking for the Hun's nervously, he then spotted them, goig quietly behind Tao and Ling, wih chains, blind fold, rope, and 2 long cloths. He was about to go after them when a Hun put him in a bag. (Hey he's short! I can't think of anything else!) As Ling and Tao were gazing together, the Hun grabbed both of them, he blind-folded Ling, and chained him up. The wrapped the cloth around Tao's mouth and tied her up. She was trying to scream, but couldn't. He covered Ling's mouth with a cloth too. He was trying to look frantically for Tao but couldn't see. Then a Hun knocked him out with a stone. Ling sttod still, not dead, just unconcious. Tao's eyes were in fear, and a tear ran down her cheek. Then the Hun's threw HER in the lake and got Ling on on of the Hun's horses, to Shan-Yu's palace.

At Tao's house, they were being attacked by some of the hun's Chein-Po helped, but when the Hun's got near grandma she beat the heck out of all of them. And then she said, "Who were those ugly men?" Chein-Po Answered, "They were the Hun's, the leader asked Tao if she could catch the heart of one of the men and brig him to his palace, she agreed, and she captured the heart of Ling, and of course, she fell for Ling also. And the rule was that if she disobeyed Shan-Yu he would attack you. And she did this afternoon right before she left. She refused to help harm Ling. And so they destroyd your home and tried to kill you. Right now they are probably being captured." Grandmother and Mother gasped, "We'e got to help them!" But no one knew whee they went.