Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 3)
By Phadra

OK! I am going to say the time so you won't be confused...

As Tao went home, her tears dried up. She then saw her grandmother and told her why she was so late. Grandmother was so happy. Then mother came home. She was upset that Tao was late getting home. At our time she would've been home by Midnight. But Tao started talking about Ling until 2:00 AM. She thnen went to bed.

Ling went home, but couldn't stop thinking of Tao, his parents weren't home, so he just went to bed also, he as hoping to tell his parents about Tao, but they didn't come home for awhile.

Chein-Po and Yao were very confused. That Ling's "girlfriend" would go against him. Yet she cried when the Hun's went away. They didn't know if they should tell Ling or not. They were thinking till 1:00 AM, then they won't home.

The next morning Grandmother was wide awake hoping to meet Ling. A few hours later the door knocked. She quickly answered it. As she opened to door, a man said, "We are selling fans! All kinds of fans! Buy a fan!" She then slammed the door. It knocked again and then a guy said, "Would a lady like a necklace?" She then slammed the door again. Then she heard it knock again and she opened the door and yelled, "LISTEN HE..." She paused and saw the man wasn't selling anything. Ling shaked her hand, "Hi...I am Ling." She paused and then said, "COme in!!! Please!!!" He came in and asked if Tao was here. Grandmother told him she wa still asleep from telling so much about him. He laughed, then mother came in and was screaming seeing a stranger in here. Grandmother calmed her down and Ling introduced himself.

Tao head the scream, she quickly got dressed and brushed out her hair. She ran out and saw mom was fine and grandmother was fine. She then saw Ling, She was smiling, she ran to him and hugged him, she then introuced him. Everyone was laughing. Mother told Tao she was screaming because of Ling, she thought he was a stranger. They laughed again. Tao was happy that her family liked Ling and so was Ling.

Just then a carriage went by the village. It was Mulan and Shang! Ling ran out and waved. Shang stopped the carriage and Mulan and he stepped out to meet Ling. They told him they had to cut down the trip because the road was blocked. Then Tao came out and asked Ling what was going on. Ling explained to her about Mulan and Shang. Ling then introduced Tao to them, they were pleased to meet her.

Shan-Yu was at the corner looking at the couples. He then said, "Perfect!" And then when they went back inside, Ling went in her house but Tao ran to SHan-Yu. He then explained that Shang was the captain. He then told her that SHang will be leaving AGAIN tomorrow to try and go to their trip. So Shan-Yu told her tht she must take Ling to the lake tonite. She agreed for her family's sake. Shan-Yu then rode off.

She went back inside, and she did what Shan-Yu told her to do. She asked if tonite Ling and she could go to dier and then by the lake. Ling agreed. Then after he left she went to he room crying. Mother and grandmother couldn't here her though.