Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 2)
By Phadra

OK! As you people know from part 1 that Shan-Yu asks a young beautiful girl named Tao to get one of the soldiers aand all that other stuff...and then Tao couldn't resist how handsome Ling was and Ling couldn't resist how beautiful she was...Tao forgot the plan...and little does Ling know what Shan-Yu is up too...Now back to our story...

At the restaurant, Yao and Chein-Po were looking at what Tao and Ling were doing. They thought it was boring because all they were doing was talkig. But Chein-Po and Yao didn't know what they were talking about. Back inside Tao was wondering what Ling is doing for a life time. Ling told her how he was a warrior, and that a friend named Ping (now as Mulan) saved them...but then they found out he was a she and everything. Then Ling asked what she did for living. She told him that she cared for her deaf grandma, helped out on chores with her mom because her father is dead, and she helps out with shops. She thought it was nothing much then what Ling did. She was amazed at what he did. But Ling thought it was much more easier to be in Tao's life.

Shan-Yu was at thee door of the restaurant Tao got scared that she dropped her glass. Good thing it didn't break. As Ling reached for the glass, Tao waved her hands and tried to say to wait outside just don't let him see you. And she put her fingers up for 1 minute. Yao and Chein-Po looked at Tao strangely. They then saw Shan-Yu waiting outside. THey were startled. She then said, "Ling I have to is uhhhh...urgent!" Ling said, " parents will wonder where I am!" They both laughed. She then wrote down directions to her house. She hugged Ling and gave him the directions. She walked out te door.

Yao and Chein-Po looked at each other weirdly. They then spied on Tao. Shan-Yu was trying to make another deal with her. She refused. But then San-Yu said, "You want your family to be safe right?" She nodded. Shan-Yu told her to take Ling to the lake. She had to do it. But she egged to do it at the end of the week. He agreed. After the Hun's left she burst out in tears and then ran home.