Fan Fiction
A New Life: Part 3
By Phadra

The man read it, he then slapped Ming, she woke up. As the man gave her the note she then said, "Darnit!" She then thougt if Ling was alright. SHe ran without stopping up the stairs. Ling was lying unconcious on the floor wit blood dripping down his face. Ming screamed. Ling woke up. He tried to move, ut hsi body was stiff. Just then the owner rn upstairs. He picked up Ling and brung him to the doctor. Ming was putting a wet wash cloth on his face. She had to use alot fom all the blood.

They finally arrived. The doctor examined him, he was bleding alot. The doctor said he might die, but if he lives he will have a huge scar there for a long time. He then said to not worry. There is a 75% chance he will live. Ming was astonished.

She brung Ling home. She laid him on his bed. Sure enough he lived. As Lin tougched his face he said, as he looked at his reflection in the glass of water a tear trickled down his cheek. Ming said, "It will disappear don't worry. But it won't be for awhile." Ling similed and said, "Where's Tao?" Ming then said, "Remember when I said I joined the Hunarmy then left?" Lin nodded. SHe then said, "Well If I don't go back to them they will kill Tao." Ling passed out.

It wasn't until Yao and Chien-Po walked in and saw Ling lying there wih a scar. Yao and Chien-Po ran up to them. Ming told thm the story. Chien-Po ran to Mulan's house. Where now Shang, Mulan, and there daughter Lele (laylay) lived. As Chien-Po knocked on the door Mulan answered it. Lele the 3 year old stood behind Mulan gripping her mother's nitegown. Mulan then said, "Oh hello Cien-Po! Why are youu up so early?" Chien-Po then said, "Ling is badly hurt and he needs both your help and Shag's help." Mulan agreed. She woke up Shang. Lele came along also.

They saw Ling woke up at last. Ming told everyone every detail. Then Mulan said, "Where is the Shan-Yu's palace then?" Ling then said, "It was in my dream. Go up north of China and you will see his palace it 13 stories high and has alot of windows and you can climb it easily. His gates are black with barbed wire. They all had to agree becase that dream was how Tao and Ling met. As they were about to go Lele said "I wanna come too!" Mulan said, "No you must stay hee with Uncle Ling" (I know Ling isn't related to anyoe of the characters in the actual movie (No Ming) it's just that my adult friends kids call me Aunty Meghan and I am not related to them) Lele pouted.

Everyone left except for Ling and Lele. Ling was well. He was about to go when he thought of Lele. He then thought, "Now what am I going to do?" Ling just shrugged and brung Lele to the palce.

Tao was all tied up in a dungeon. Exactly the one in her dream where Ling was. She started crying and said, "Where is Shan-Yu?" A Hun was astonised and said, "What do you know about SHan-Yu?" Tao said, "He was in my dream I had a year ago where Ling was." A Hun shrugged and left her alone. She then said, "I will never be saved."