Fan Fiction
A New Life: Part 2
By Phadra

Author's Note: You guys who are reading this. I go to LING CENTRAL practically everyday because I am obsessed with Ling. But as I got to know the character it seemed that Ling would be a bachelor all his life. you think Tao should say yes or no? I would choose yes because they love each other but I would also choose no because of Ling's character so...Just e-mail me what you think.

Tao fainted at the question. Ling caught her in time. Ming who was spying on them ran out and asked, "Is she OK?" Ling said, "She just fainted." Ming stopped breathing fast. Ling then said, "Were you spying on us?" Ming nodded. "Yes! I had to hear what she would say in her own words!" Ling then laughed.

Since he thought Taos family would panic he brung her to his place. He laid her on his bed and so since it was getting dark, he let her sleep on his bed while he slept in the other room (in which Ming was supposed to sleep in) and Ming went to the hay loft as usual.

That night there was a loud crash. Ling woke up suddenly, then he said to himself, "Tao!" he then ran out in his room. A man that looked horribly ugly saw Ling, Ling saw he was holding onto Tao over his shoulder. As Ling charged up to him the man slashed Ling in the face. Which blood was dripping on he floor.

Then the man walked outside and he saw Ming. Ming woke up and saw Tao was on the man's shoulder. She then said, "Ling what are you doing?" The man stepped into the light. Ming screamed. Ming then charged up to the man. But the man pushed her away. Ming charged up again but this time the man pushed her so hrd that she landed right into a pole and she was knocked out. The the man left a note at in Ming's pocket.

The man heard all the noise from outside. He ran outside, he saw only Ming who was knocked out. He then tried to wake her up. But when he saw the note he read it and he said, "Oh my..." The note was written in Chinese but this is what it said in English.


Join back with us or let your little friend die.