Fan Fiction
A New Life: Part 1
By Phadra

Author's note: I am continuing the story of "A Plan" except te title has changed

As Ling and Tao gazed at each other in excitment they walked off together and went to a restaurant. Ling said, "I still can't believe we had the same dream on the same night!" Tao agreed. She then said, "Don't worry, I am not with Shan-Yu." They both laughed. Then shesaid, "It was like we were meat for each other." Ling agreed also. Tao then said, "Would you like to meet my family?" Ling said, "Sure! Then maybe you can see my home."

The new couple walked off holding hands all the way to Tao's house. Tao introduced Ling to her family. Grandmother thought he was a handsome man and Mother thought he was just right. Tao was happy. She wanted to be with Ling and Ling wanted to be with Tao.

As Ling introduced his home to Tao, Tao saw a woman sleeping on the hay loft that looked sorda like Ling. And Ling said, "Oh! That's my sister Ming!" (If you wana know more aout Ming go to LING CENTRAL there is a Fan Fic I wrote about her) Ming introduced herself and said, "Be careful with my brother here! He's dangerous!" Ling thwapped his head and Ming ran off laughing. Tao just laughed. And swore Ling was blushing. Ming hid behind the house spying on them.

Tao then asked, "Does anybody else live here?" Ling said, "My sister!" and Tao said, "What about your parents?" Ling just looked around and Ming just said, "We both ran away from home when I was 16 and then 2 years later when he was 16 he ran away also!" Ling thwapped his head again. Tao then said, "Don't worry! I ran away once also then came back!" They all just laughed.

One day at the lake Tao and Ling were gazing at the sky and Tao said, "What a beautiful nite!" Ling said, "Yes it is." then when the perfect time came he said, "Tao, I have something to ask you." Tao said, "Yes?" Then Ling got out soomething that was in his family for generations and put it in her hair. He then said, "Will you marry me?"