Fan Fiction
A Plan (Part 1)
By Phadra

As some of the Huns were thinking of a plan they were thinking of the "girl" who defeated them in the avalanche, a Hun came up and announced that their was a wedding of Captain Li Shang and Fa Mulan. A Hun was thinking after that and hen thought, "If we could attract one of the soldiers with a fine woman then we capture him and the Li Shang will come to him and we capture him too!" Then Shan-Yu came up and said "Perfect." The Huns gasped and saw that for real Shan-Yu was alive!

Besides that it turns out Mulan and Shang went on a "honeymoon" to a place far from the village. Ling, Chien-Po and Yao were discussing about who should get wed next. They were all fighting who was going to find a girl first.

Near where the Gang of 3 were fighting Shan-Yu was trying to convince a young beautiful girl named Tao attract one of the men. Tao was a tough girl and beautiful girl. Whom she hated for people to mess wit other people. Of course she didn't think she was messing with some other people. All she wanted was a husband to make her family proud. Finally she agreed. She quickly dressed up in her favorite clothes and brng her most beautiful fan out. She then went to a corner where the Gang of 3 could notice her.

Some how while Mulan was on her honeymoon she senced something was wrong in her town. But she ignored it for she thouht there was no one who could harm anyone there now. WRONG!

Suddenly Ling blocked a hit form Yao. When Ling looked the other way he saw Tao. He could not believe how beautiful she was. While he went over to talk to her, Chein-Po tried to calm Yao down. As Tao looked up she was amazed how handsome Ling was. She completely forgot about the plan and only set eyes on Ling. "I am Si Tao and you are?" Ling said, "My name is Ling." He then escorted her to a restaurant. Chein-Po and Yao looked at Ling escorting Tao. Yao and Chein-Po could not believe it. But little does Ling know what Shan-Yu is up to.

*****************TO BE CONTINUED