Fan Fiction
Mulan 2: Shang's Secret
By OrchidFire (No e-mail provided)

Part 3

Slowly the room came into focus, but some things were still fuzzy and hard to make out. " You're finally awake, thought you'd never come to." Suun said leaning up against the wall. " You know your friend Mulan is quite charming." he continued as a smerk crept across his face. " If you hurt her......" Shang yelled as he tried struggle free from the ropes that held him fast to the wall. " Don't worry my quarel is with you, not your little friends." Suun replied. " But your a hot item on to market." Suun said chuckling to himself.

" What do you mean?" Shang asked with a confused look on his face. " Well let's just say that you and your little friend have made a lot of enemies and will pay money for revenge. But I don't know, should leave the joy of making you and Mulan suffer all to myself, or should I share it and make a hansome profet at the same time? Ohh well, mother always said it was better to share." Suun told him. " I thought you said you had no quarels with Mulan." Shang said. " I don't, it's just that other's do. Well I'm off to meet the buyer and don't worry no one can hear you for miles and I'm the only one who knows where this place is. Ohh yes, one more thing, I wouldn't try to escape. The more you struggle the titer the ropes become." Suun finishedclosing the door to the small room and locking the door behind him.

Suun arrived at the mysterious buyer's camp. two guard's stood out side of the leader's tent. When Suun motioned to go into the tent the guards crossed there spear's infront of him. Suun handed them a scroll. One of the guards read it and waved Suun into the tent. The buyer was in a long dark cloak and Suun couldn't see his face. " So you're the one whose interested in buying my brother?" Suun asked. " Your brother? Why are you turning him into me?" the man said in a deep husky voice. " Let's just say I have a personal vendeta." Suun replied. " But why do you want him?" Suun asked the man. " I also have a personal vendeta." the man said taking off the hood of his cloak. " I'll give you 10,000 for him." he continued. " You've got youself a deal.... Shan Yu."