Fan Fiction
Mulan 2: Shang's Secret
By OrchidFire (No e-mail provided)

Part 2

Mulan couldn't stop thinking of last night. Any time she even tried to utter the name "Shang" her pulse raced. Mulan ran up to the family temple and awakened Mushu. " Hey what's the deal waking me up so early in the morning?" he groaned. " I'm going to Shang's house, do you want to come with me?" Mulan blurtted out. " Sure, why not? It's better than being stuck around these deadheads." he replied. Mushu jumped into her bag as she mounted Khan and they headed off to Shang's house.

They arrived there around noon. Shang's house was far from the village below. Mulan dismounted Khan and walked up to the front door and knocked on it 3 times. The door creaked opened a man was standing there. He had raven black hair, stone cold eyes, he was very tall and muscular, and a painful looking scar down one of his cheeks. " Who are you?" he said gruffly. " Ah, I'm Mulan, is Shang here?" she asked as she looked at the man oddly. " Shang? Ohh you mean my brother. I'm sorry he mounted Zing and left early this morning. I'm Suun." the man replied. "Ohh, well do you know where he went?" Mulan asked. " I'm sorry I don't, but let me make up for my brother's rudeness. Would you like to come in for tea?" he asked. " Okay." she agreed, but she was not sure of herself or of Suun.

Suun poured the tea and sat down. " So, are you Shang's betrothed?" Suun asked. " Ohh no, we're just friends." Mulan replied. " I don't mean to pry but how did you get that scar?" she asked. " It was just an accident." he said. Mulan shifted in her seat uncomfortably. " Is something wrong?" Suun asked. " Well, I just find it odd that Shang never mention you." Mulan told him. " Well, Shang was never one to talk about his family much." he told her. "And another thing bothers me," Mulan said. " If your older than Shang how come he became captain and not you?" she asked. Suun suddenly spilled his tea. " Sorry about that, I'm just really clumsy." he said trying to conceal his anger. " I should be going" Mulan said. " Okay, it was nice meeting you Mulan" Suun said. Mulan nodded and left the house.

" Who was tall, dark and grusome?" Mushu asked popping out of Mulan's bag. " Shang's brother." she replied. " Brother! I didn't know Shang had a brother." he gasped. " Neither did I" Mulan said. As they walked past the stables Mulan heard a " Nehh" come from one of them. Mulan turned to them. " Ohh my gose!" Mulan gasped. " It's Zing!" she exclaimed. " Yeah so?" Mushu asked. " Shang's brother said Shang left on Zing." she replied. " Something fishy is going on in that house." he said. " Yeah and I'm going to find out what." Mulan said.