Fan Fiction
Mulan 2: Shang's Secret
By OrchidFire (No e-mail provided)

Part 1

The dinner at Mulan's house had been the best Shang had in a long time. Way better than that slop they tried to past up as rice in the army. As he reached his house he felt an emptiness inside. He felt mabye the only thing he had left was Mulan and his house. His mother died when he was just a child, his father in the war and.....

Shang entered his home tring to clear an image from his mind. Suddenly a wooden sword fell to the floor. Shang reacted and was about to draw his sword but relaxed when he realized what is was. " Ahh__. The joys of childhood, how they pass so quickley." sighed a voice coming from the dark side of the hallway. " How long has is been sence we've seen each other ? Four? Five years? Of course last time we saw each other you gave me this." the man continued as he stepped out of the darkness and showed Shang the scar down his right cheek. " Suun ( pronounced "Soon")" Shang gasped. " You remember how you gave me this? Don't you?" Suun asked. "You gave me no choice." Shang replied.

" Let's recall what happened back then, shall we? Mother had just died the year before and you were 13 and I was 15. One day I was throwing rocks at the temple. I asked if you wanted to join me but you refused and ran off somewhere. I broke one of the windows in the temple and you had brung father. I was dishonoured....all because of you. I think you know what happened next." Suun said. " Yes.That night you came into my room and attacked me with one of father's swords and cut me on the arm, but I struck you back on the face with a rock dagger. Then you disappeared into the night and didn't return."

" Well I have returned now." Suun replied. " Let me guess you have come here to kill me? Right?" Shang asked mockingly. " No, I've come to make you suffer. You can't hide behind father now can you?" Suun asked drawing his sword. " You didn't scare me then, you won't scare me now." Shang replied. " We'll see." said Suun.

The Battle began then, the clanging of swords and cries of pain could not be heard from the village far below. It finally ended when Shang fell uncouinsious from a blow from Suun.

" This is just the beginning of your nightmare, little brother, " Suun told the still Shang, " ..just the beginnig."