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After dinner Shang and Mulan were sitting by the pond talking.

"I uhh...just wanted to say that I think it took a lot of courage to sneak into the army like that."


"Uh..and..thanks for saving my life...I uhh...."

"Shang, I understand it's kinda hard to understand, but I'm the same person who was with you all that time, only now I'm a girl"

"I know..that's why it's so hard."

"Well, why does that make any difference?"

Mulan was beginning to worry that Shang was thinking less of her like everyone else because she was again a girl.

"NO!," exclaimed shang as if stunned that Mulan would think such a thing. "It's just that..well now that you're a girl again..I think you're...ummm....pretty.."

Mulan faced Shang and smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah...I mean when we were training I knew there was something different about you, I just didn't know HOW different!"

Mulan and Shang both laughed then Shang suddenly stood up. Mulan was afraid he was going to say that she was too out-spoken and that he wanted someone who would listen. Suddenly Shang took Mulan's hand and said, "Mulan I've been with you in the army for a long time, but I've really just gotten to know you."

"But Shang I already told you I'm the same..."

Shang cut her off. "I know, but I'd like to get to know Mulan, not Ping. Mulan, this may sound crazy, but...will you marry me?"

Mulan was stunned for a second. Then she screamed, "Of course!" Mulan threw her arms around Shang and Shang twirled her around. Mulan and Shang ran into the house and told Mulan's parents. They were thrilled. When Mulan met Shang's mother she was greeted warmly. Shang's mother thanked Mulan strongly for saving her son's life. The wedding was held soon after and Mulan and Shang had a baby girl. She grew up with the same personality a her mother...