Fan Fiction
Mulan II: Granny Fa is STABBED: Part 3
By Louisa

....Mulan kept following the strange voice she kept hearing. "Granny?" Mulan would often yell. But no one answered. Just the continuous voice calling "Help! Someone please help!" Mulan had circled the Cemetery 2 times and saw no one. She walked to the gate. "Where is she? All of a sudden, I forget where her tombstone is. All I remember is that I'm trying to find Granny Fa's tombstone." Mulan sighed and sat at the gate.

Mulan felt a drop of rain on her wrist. Pretty soon the rain was coming down rapidly. The clouds got darker. Mulan started to cry. "What if I never find her tombstone?" She said. Just then, a faint voice was calling her. "Mulan." It said. "Mulan help me." Mulan got to her feet. "It sounds like Granny Fa!" Mulan wiped her tears although there was no point. It was raining. She got up and this time the voice was more clear than ever. Mulan solemnly followed it. All of a sudden, the voice had stopped. "I knew this would happen. Now I may never find her!" Mulan was about to sit down when a tombstone engraved "Granny Fa" appeared right infront of her.

"Granny!" Mulan dug and dug until she saw a moving hand. The soil got heavier by the rain but Mulan kept digging even though until she saw another moving hand. With all her might, Mulan pulled both hands. "Granny Fa!!" Mulan hugged Granny Fa and told her about the calling voice and how long it took her to find Granny Fa.

That night, The Fa Family had a feast knowing that Granny Fa was alive. "Well." Said Fa Li. "We have all learned a valuble lesson." She said. "And what is that, Mother?" Mulan asked. "Never go to market before knowing your Granny is okay." Everyone laughed and slept well that night. Even Granny Fa.

The End