Fan Fiction
Mulan II: Granny Fa is STABBED: Part 2
By Louisa

After a long night of crying alone in her room, Mulan went out by the nearby river putting blossoms afloat. Just then, she saw beautiful Violets growing by her leg. "Oh Violets." Mulan sadly said. "Granny Fa loved Violets." Tears came to Mulan's eyes as she plucked the Violets. She ran to the cemetery.

At the Cemetery, Mulan bowed to her Grandmother's tombstone and sat the Violets beside it with a note saying: "I love you, Granny Fa! From Mulan." As a single tear washed down her face, it dropped into the ground and onto Granny Fa's skeleton! Grannny Fa's eyes awoken as so did the eyes of the Great stone Dragon. That night, The ancestors had awaken the Fa Family saying exactly this: "Granny Fa has been restored to life! Come morning, you must Send Mulan to go fetch her! Quickly now! She is calling Mulan's name!"

In the Morning, Mulan had also heard the ancestors. She ran as fast as she could to get to the Cemetery. As she approached she searched for Granny Fa's tombstone when she heard a cry. "Help! Please Help! Someone!" Mulan followed the voice. Closer and closer...

To be Continued.....