Fan Fiction
Mulan II: Granny Fa is STABBED
By Louisa

...."Off to the Market. The Same old basket. The same old path. The same old expression. Nothing is ever new when I go to Market." Mulan kept walking. She heard yells and cries coming from the Market. Just then, Yaom Mi the Baker was thrown right near Mulan's feet!

Mulan gasped and fell to the ground. "Yaom Mi! What have they done to you?"

Yaom Mi Sprang to his feet. "I'm sorry Mulan. I must move on to another village. They are overthrowing my money and no one is buying my bread. I'm down to my last 2 crossants and no one even bothers to go near my shop!" Yaom Mi explained. Mulan said she would fix his problem. "I'll buy them." She said. Yaom Mi bowwed and reached out his hand. Mulan pulled a silver and a bronze coin from a pouch she had and handed it to the baker. As the baker recieved it he bowwed again and headed out of town.

"Good-bye, Yaom Mi." Mulan waved and the wind blew her. She headed to the nearby fish store and bought 2 salmon and 4 tuna. Then she headed to the Tea Shoppe and bought 1 pack of herbal tea then headed for home. But as she approched police stood all around her home.

"What's going on officer?" Mulan asked. The officer backed her away and said: " There has been an accident. Granny Fa has been stabbed. Right in the heart. I'm sorry, but she died." Tears formed in Mulan's eyes as she ran into her home and up into her room. And she cried for a long time....

To Be continued...