Fan Fiction
Mushu and Cri-Kee’s Journey
By Lotus Blossom

“...Did I mention that I was the Great Stone Dragon?” Mushu finished.

“Go, Great Stone Dragon, and protect Mulan!” the Ancestors cried to him. Little did they know that Mushu had accidentally ruined the Great Stone Dragon and used it’s head to trick them.

Mushu knew he was in trouble. As the small dragon walked toward the gate of the house a little cricket popped out from the bushes. “Chirp!” the cricket said excitedly.

“Say what?” Mushu asked in surprise.

“Chirp, chirp!” the cricket replied.

“You’re a lucky bug? Do I look like a dummy? Maybe I should pop one of those antennas off your head! Then who’ll be the dummy? You or me?” Mushu chased Cri-Kee (the cricket) down the street until they reached the town.

They both gasped. “Now how we supposed to get through all of dis traffic?” Mushu asked Cri-Kee. They needed to walk the street where carts, animals and people were stampeding. “If we even try to take dis road, we’ll be flattened like a bug!”

Cri-Kee gave Mushu a stern look.

“No offense.”

“Chirp, chirp!”

“That’s right bug boy! We need a distraction.” Mushu looked at a lady that was standing infront of them. Then he looked at her hat. Then his eyes turned toward Cri-Kee.

Cri-Kee didn’t like the way Mushu was looking at him and started to hop away. But before he could do so, Mushu grabbed him and they climbed up to the top of the lady’s hat.

“Chirp, chirp! Chirp!” Cri-Kee complained.

“This is NOT my plan! But, this is...” Mushu took Cri-Kee by his antennas and slowly lowered him infront of the lady’s face. She screamed and waved her arms trying to hit the cricket out of the way. Cri-Kee tried to get to safety but Mushu had him tight in his claws.

She ran in a circle screaming for help while carts and animals crashed and people stared and were startled at what they saw.

“Yee-ha!” Mushu shouted with happiness! Unfortunately, things did not go the way the dragon had planned.

The lady tripped over a small stone and Cri-Kee and Mushu went flying into the air. Cri-Kee landed on another lady’s hand that was resting on a box. The lady squealed and shook her arm trying to get the bug off. As she did this she kicked the box and it tipped over causing it to open.

“Look out below!” Mushu yelled. And he landed in the box. In all of the confusion, one man picked up the box Mushu was in, thinking it was his, and placed it on his tiny cart that was hooked up to a brown donkey.

Cri-Kee held on tight to the hand. Finally the lady put her hand in a horse’s drinking bowl and Cri-Kee sank to the bottom holding his breathe. He looked up and saw a big pink thing sweep threw the water. He grabbed it and was lifted into a donkey’s mouth.

“Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!” Cri-Kee cried from inside of the donkey’s mouth.

“Where’s dat bug at?” Mushu heard his call. He crawled out of the box and climbed to the top of the brown donkey’s head to see if he could see the cricket. But all he saw was animals running, carts flipping over and ladies screaming.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

“Cri-Kee?” He looked down and saw the cricket’s head pop out of the donkey's mouth but then jumped back inside because the donkey was closing his mouth. “Cri-Kee! I'll save you! Hold on!”

Mushu didn’t know what to do. Without thinking, Mushu stood in front the cart that was tied to the brown donkey and breathed out fire. But all that came out was a spark. Somehow, it set the cart on fire. “Look at dat! I got a bonfire goin!” Then the flames jumped from the cart to the donkey’s tail. “Uh oh.”

The donkey shouted in pain and fear and Cri-Kee got out and held on to Mushu’s tail. Mushu grabbed onto the donkey’s mane and it began running down the street in the direction they need to go.

“You are one lucky bug!” Mushu said to Cri-Kee as they were on their way to save Mulan.