Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

One day when Shang was taking care of baby Leah and Mulan was at the marketplace, a knock came at the door. When Shang opened it a very distinguised looking man was at the door. He asked,"Is Fa Mulan home?" "No," Shang replied,"But I'm her husband. Maybe you can talk to me." The stranger replied, "My name is Mi Chou and"... At that moment Mulan came back from the marketplace. "Chou?!", she began."Ah, the infamous Mulan is home. And she remembers me." Mulan said,"Yes,of course. And by the way, it's Li Mulan, OK?" When she finished her sentence, she caught glance of a very satisfied Li Shang. Shang said,"Would you like to see the baby? It's a little girl." Then Chou got a very distugsed look on his face as they walked through the garden to the house. When he caught glance of the baby, his first comments were," This is a GIRL? It looks like she was beaten with an ugly stick. I see she got her looks from your husband over there, Mulan." He glanced over his shoulder and saw two VERY angry parents."Get out of my house," Shang said in such a tone he sounded as if he was about to explode. In one swift movement, he had grabbed Chou by the collar and was "escourting" him to the front door. He had just thrown Chou out the door flat on his face when he turned around and shouted,"You'll be sorry! Both of you will pay!" After he stormed away, he added, "You'll pay with your baby's life."