Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

..."Wait, I need someone to stay with me here", Mulan said. "No", Shang said."You should come with us. You're not safe here by yourself. I'll stay." Mulan replied, "No, you are not well enough to stay. Yao, Ling, you guys stay here with me. Chien Po will take Shang back to China and to the closest doctor." She watched as they rode away. The rest of them re-entered the palace."Okay, here's the plan. We're going to have to find Shan-Yu and kill him somehow", Mulan told them. "But, what about the rest of them", Ling asked. "Well", Yao said, "Mulan could take on Shan Yu and Ling and I can take the rest." Then they all split up. As she crept through the palace, she noticed a open door with light pouring out of it. She crept down the corridor, sword in hand, poised to attack. She jumped into the room. No one was in there. As she was about to back out, she saw a shadow in the corner and heard footsteps behind her. The shadow had a sword in its hand. Just as she was about to attack, two people nabbed her. Shan Yu came out with his jagged sword and uttered,"Boo! I see that you found a way out of your dungeon. And what have you done with your husband?" "None of your business", she replied. "And what do you care anyway what I've done with Shang?" "Because, today will be the last day you will ever see him." He pulled out a red-colored dress with gold sewing on it. " You now what this is, don't you?", he said. "Yes, that is my wedding dress. I love that dress. My mother wore it when she was wed to my father," she said. Shan Yu held it up to a torch in the hallway and forced her to watch it burn. "And that is just the beginning of your torture, little lady." Then one of the Huns punched Mulan in the same place Shan Yu had cut her. She instantly fell upon feeling the sharp blow. She knew she was internally bleeding. Then she passed out.

"What now, Yao?" "We found 'em, so let's pound 'em!", Yao replied to Ling's question. Suddenly, they were tapped on the shoulder. Before they could yell, their mouths were covered up. Chien Po's soft voice said, " I dropped of the captain in Xi'an. When we get out of here we can get him. Xi'an is the first city we come to." After they finished off the Huns they had found,( I'd rather not go into details) they went after Mulan.

"Where am I ?" Mulan said as she woke up. As she attempted to move, she found out she had been tied down to a wall. Then, out of the blue, a dagger flew out of the darkness at her. Shan Yu was throwing daggers at her!! She could only try to struggle out of her ropes as daggers were thrown at her body. She was looking him straight in his burning, yellow eyes until something else caught her attention.She noticed three familiar body structures and suppressed a laugh as the Gang of 3 clubbed him over the head. "Nice timing, guys", she said as they untied her. " I've got an idea. I need each of you to grab a torch. We'll go around the perimeter, and throw in the torches. It's they only way we'll destroy the remaning Huns. After they got outside, they put Mulan's plan to use. But not all the Huns were there. Shan Yu had awoken, and climbed to the roof. When he saw them riding away, he grabbed a bow and arrow.Swish!! He fired the arrow and it struck Mulan in the shoulder. She fell off of Khan and was knocked out cold. Yao looked back and yelled, "She's injured!!" He rode up and laid her across Khan. He held Khan by the reigns and rode until the reached the doctor in Xi'an. When the entered they saw Shang, smiling and recovered. "Well, where is Mulan? I miss her so much." Yao and Ling looked at him with sad eyes. " What is it?", Shang asked. They parted and he saw Mulan's limp body in Chien Po's arms. He stepped forward and handed her to Shang. He said, "She's been unconscience for one day." Then a doctor came in and saw her body and quickly instructed Shang to place her in a room so he could examine her. The doctor finally came out with a happy look on his face. "Well", he began," She only has a flesh wound on her shoulder and the internal bleeding stopped. She's awoken and should be better in a few days period." They all rushed into the room and saw Mulan smiling up at them. Shang threw his arms around her and she kissed him."So, did the doctor tell you the good news?", she asked. "Yes", he replied," He told me that you were going to recover in a few days." She said," But did he tell you the OTHER good news?" "What other good news?", he asked. "Well, I don't know exactly how to put this, but I'm going to have a baby." A BABY!?", he stuttered."Yes. A baby."

Then he fainted.

They finally revived him, and Yao, Ling, and Chien Po had to go their parting ways. Shang stayed by her side day and night until she fully recovered. They left Xi'an and returned to Wan country and after a few months, they had and beautiful baby girl and named her Li Leah. She had the same personality as her parents.

Authors Note:
I will right an epiloge to my story series.