Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

The Gang of 3 and Mulan rode over the borderline from China to Mongolia after a day of riding. As they crossed, Mulan felt shivers go up her spine thinking about what they (the Huns) were doing to her beloved Shang. "That must be the place", Ling said as they neared a giant concrete structer with a humungous (typo) fence with barbed wire on top. Mulan dismounted Khan and with all her strength,pushed the wooden gates to Shan Yu's palace. They entered the palace with they're swords ready, just in case. Huns could be everywhere. They entered a long corridor with lots of doors on both sides. "How about we all split up and take separate doors." Yao suggested. As he neared the end of the corridor, Chien Po shouted, "I've found him!" As Mulan entered the room, she could fill her eyes swelling up with tears. He had been beaten with a whip, and his injuries hadn't been treated. She kneeled at his side, and taking his head up in her arms said,"Shang, please, if you are still alive, give me a sign." She looked up at Yao, Ling, and Chien Po. They returned to her glances of saddness, until Shang moaning and in pain, saw Mulan smiling down on him and said,"You came. Wait,no! You shouldn't have..." At that moment Shan Yu, followed by his evil Huns, came out of the darkness.