Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

..."Huh, where am I ?", Shang said as he woke up on a cold stone floor. "Good, Captain, you've awakened. We feared you weren't going to make it. That would have ruined our entire plan'', a deep, recognizable, voice said, and then Shan Yu walked out of the darkness, followed by his evil henchmen. " Where is Mulan? What have you done with her?", Shang shouted as he tried to struggle out of his ropes. " Ah, Fa Mulan, or would it be Li Mulan? Don't worry about your precious bride You'll be with her soon enough." Then Shan Yu let out a hideous laghter that sent shivers up Shang's spine. Then they left him alone.

"Are you sure the Huns took the Captain?", Yao asked as they saddled up their horses. " Yes.", Mulan replied."They were positively identified by the innkeeper at the inn we stayed at." "But why didn't they take you instead?", Chien Po asked. "You were right there with him." Mulan explianed what she thought their plan was as they rode to Shan Yu's palace.

Finally they arrived at Shan Yu's deathtrap