Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

"Why would Shan Yu want Shang when he could've had me just as easily?",Mulan poundered as she rode to Shan Yu's palace. Then she realized that he probably wanted to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. He could kill her then kill Shang with no problem. No inerference. She knew he would'nt do anything without her,so she decided she would need a little bit of help.

"Hey,I want the last shrimp!",Yao yelled as he,Ling, and Chien Po engaged in a little fight over the food. "Hey,guys! How would you like to do me a favor?",a highly recognizable voice shouted over their screams. When they came to realize what was going on and who was talking, shouts of "Hi, how are you?" and "How's the marriage?" She told them about Shan Yu and Shang's kidnapping, and they told her they'd be pleased to help.