Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

But now,to switch scenes:

It was a cold stormy night when a gathering of the remaning Huns sat around a fire,their hearts burning with hatred toward China,especially their army,and especially Shang and Mulan. They knew that without Shan Yu,revenge was impossible,but then one of them came up with an idea.

To kidnap Shang,so Mulan would have to save the love of her life.And when she came,they'd be waiting for her."Perfect",a deep,familiar voice replied. Shan Yu was alive!!!

"Mulan,time to get up!"She replied,"But,Mother,I'm so sleepy!"

"OK,Mulan,"Mother said,"I'd better postpone the big event" When she heard that,she jumped out of bed, threw on her wedding dress,put on makeup,combed her hair and became a total mess. Her mother told her to calm down because she ws going to take her back to her friends to get a professional do her makeup. They rode into town,and she got herself fixed up. A hour later,Shang and Mulan where wed and were about to go on a little "honeymoon" That night when they were there,Shang was kidnapped,and taken to Shan Yu's palace.

"Shang,Shang,this isn't funny anymore!Shang!"shouts of anger and fright were heard coming from Mulan's room at the inn. She hurried downstairs and asked the innkeeper if he had seen Shang. When he asked for a brief description of Shang,she said he was about 6 feet tall,very muscular,and he was wearing a gray nightrobe. The innkeeper asked his assistant, and she said he was seen walking out of the inn with two men wearing dark clothes."Huns," Mulan muttered. She ran upstairs,and got dressed.She saddled up Khan, grabbed her sword, and followed the hoofprints to Shan Yu.