Fan Fiction
By Juan Wynard

After dinner, Shang and Mulan went outside and sat by the lake.

"Mulan," Shang nervously said, "Will you come over tomorrow and meet my mom?"

"Sure, Shang. Why not." After that, they kissed goodnight and he went home. The next day, Mulan rode into town and asked her mom's friends to help prepare her for the big event tonight. They fixed her up, and by nighttime, she was ready. She rode right over to Shang's house for dinner. When she knocked on the door she was surprised at what she saw. His mother was the Matchmaker!! The first words out her mouth were,"Shang, you may not have anything to do with this, this creature!"

"But, Mother, she saved mine and the Emperor's lives! What do you have against her?"

"Uh", Mulan spoke up, and told Shang her sordid story of when she first visited the Matchmaker, and as she did she looked into his eyes and saw him trying to decide between the woman who saved his life and the woman who gave him life. After she finished, she ran and jumped on Khan and rode away. "Don't worry,son, we're both better off."

The instant she got home, Mulan threw herself on her bed and burst into tears. She looked down the hall and saw a dark figure approaching and grabbed her sword, just in case. Shang walked into her room and started to comfort her."It's okay, Mulan, you're the one I picked." She threw her arms around him and he kissed her. Soon after, the Matchmaker finally agreed to let them get married.