Fan Fiction
Mulan and the Evil Chung and Chang!
By Joshua

Part 3

Ding Chung allowed a chuckle to squeeze through his oversized lips. All was going perfectly according to his plan. He glanced sideways toward Wang, who was carrying that blasted baby. Chung held up a stubby hand, indicating that his taller, skinnier companion should halt.

"What is it, Chung?" Wang asked.

"My feet are tired," Chung wheezed. "I require rest. We shall remain here until dawn."

"Good. This kid is heavy!" Wang said.

They sat down on some large rocks along the path. It had been some two hours since they escaped from the village where the Lis resided. Chung pulled off a boot and scratched his foot. Little Li Gene began to cry.

"What did you do?" Chung asked.

"Nothing!" Wang replied. "He just started crying!"

"Well, make him shut up! I want some sleep!"

Chung stretched out on the rock. Being as roly-poly as he was, however, he easily rolled off the rock. Gene suddenly stopped crying and burst into an adorable little giggle. Wang laughed uncontrollably.

"Shut up, twig," Chung growled as he pulled himself to his feet.

"You should have seen the look on your face when - "

"I said 'SHUT UP!'"

Wang shut up. Gene did not. He continued to giggle until he spit up all over Wang.

"Clean yourself up, you narrow-minded waste of space," Chung ordered. "When we present the child to the master, we need to look somewhat respectable!"

Wang proceeded to clean himself off the best he could while Chung tried to hold Gene. "By the way," Wang said, "you never did tell me who exactly we were delivering this brat to."

Chung grunted. "Quite frankly, it's none of your concern. Since you have inquired, though, I feel inclined to address your question." He settled himself onto the large rock. He noted that it was a bit slick from the storm earlier that night. "Well," he began, "this was conceived originally as a plan for revenge against Captain Li Shang and his wife for a disrespect they paid me in the past. Upon meeting a very influential man, however, it has become his revenge also."

"Who is this man?" Wang wondered aloud.

"Both his father and his brother were murdered by this Mulan girl. He is the leader of a large band of Huns who were not killed during the war." An unexpected crack of lightning shattered a tree a quarter of a mile away. Ding Chung found it necessary to grin demonically at this point. "His name is Shan Chang."

To Be Continued!