Fan Fiction
Mulan and the Evil Chung and Chang!
By Joshua

Part 2

Mulan finally got to her feet and, sobbing, ran down the road to the Ku home where Shang was.

"Shang! Shang!" she cried out.

Shang finally exited the house and saw his weeping wife. "What's the matter, honey-bunch?" he asked.

"Gene! Gene!" she managed to say between sobs.

Shang's jaw dropped. "What ever happened to baby Gene?!" he exclaimed :)

"HE'S GONE!" Mulan wailed.

Shang jerked back as if a brick had been heaved into his noggin. Then, he stood tall and, in a voice like that of Donny Osmond, began to sing: "Let's get down to business To find our son! If they left a clue there, We will find it, hon!"

"Not now!" Mulan screamed.

"Oh, sorry," Shang straightened himself. "Come on, deary-pie, let's go look for clues!"

Just then, Ku Do and his wife Ti came out to the Lis. Ku Ti said in her perky voice, "Mulan! How nice to see you! Won't you come in for tea? I've got these really neat paintings of the children to show you! Ooh, it'll be so much fun! Like a sleep-over! Oh, and I want to show you what we've done to the barn out back! It's just the most! . . ." She rambled on for almost a full minute before Do silenced her.

"There is something wrong here. What is it, Shang?" he asked.

"Baby Gene is gone!" Shang said heroically.

"Gone!" Mulan wailed and broke into tears again.

Finally, Mulan and Shang returned home and found no clues. Mulan was in hysterics, but Shang was the ever-heroic hero. One of the neighbors heard Mulan crying and came out to them.

"What's the matter?" the old woman asked.

"Our son is gone. Probably kidnapped. By ruthless fiends, no doubt," Shang said fearlessly.

Mulan looked up and said, "I heard something outside and went out to check on it. When I got back, Gene was gone!" She started wailing again.

"I know what you heard," the old woman said. "I saw a short, fat man throw a rock at your door. Then, he and another man ran off. The other man was carrying something, but I couldn't tell exactly what."

"Did you see who these scoundrels were?" Shang asked boldly.

"Well," she said, "the short, fat one was wearing a soldier's uniform. Kind of like the one you have!"

"EGAD!" Shang announced. He quickly thanked the old woman and dragged Mulan inside the house.

Once inside, he grabbed a big book from his war room and brought it to the table. He began to look through it.

"What is that?" Mulan asked.

"It is a record of the men in my outfit. I think I know who did this." He scanned the pages quickly for the name. "Ah-ha! Here it is! I knew there was a short, fat man in my group. His name is Ding Chung."

"But why would he take little Gene?" Mulan asked, starting to calm down.

"That," Shang muttered, "is what we must find out."

To Be Continued!