Fan Fiction
Mulan and the Evil Chung and Chang!
By Joshua

Part 1

Ding Chung was a soldier who had served under Captain Li Shang during the battle with the Huns the previous year. He considered himself a genius, though to look at him, one might think otherwise. He was far from nerdy, and equally far from being a massive brute like the now very much dead Shan-Yu. Ding Chung was about three feet, seven inches, tall and rather portly for his size (he liked to think of himself as very big boned). Ding Chung was also very tempramental. He had a mind for vengeance when he was wronged. Now, he knew the perfect way to get that revenge.

Ding had recently made some new friends who had become quite useful to him. Also, he had heard that Li Shang had married that blasted Mulan girl, and that they had quite recently had a son, who they named Li Gene. Ding Chung decided that the time for his plan was now, and he set out for the village where the Li family dwelt.

Meanwhile, Mulan and Shang were busy with their new lives. They were the perfect example of a happy Disney-style couple. It was an ideal lifestyle. And with baby Gene everything had become even happier. To add to the idealism, they often burst into spontaneous song and dance numbers, which the neighbors found quite disturbing. They wondered how both the Lis could come up with such incredible songs so suddenly and both know the words so perfectly. Ah, well, they thought. It was no more fantastic than the idea of the earth being round, they supposed.

One night, Mulan was putting Gene to bed when she heard something outside. Shang was across the village chatting with the Ku family. Ku Do and Shang often entertained each other with old war stories and sometimes went fishing in the near-by river. That night, they were engaged in a very primative version of Majong (a Chinese card game). Mulan had stayed behind, as she couldn't stand Do's excessivley perky wife. Gene inhaled his strained rice and whatever other mush Mulan had fed him, and soon he dropped into a blissful sleep. Mulan was happy that her chubby little cutie had begun his snooze so quickly since she was so tired herself. The boy was a handful, but she didn't know what she'd do without him.

So anyway, Mulan had heard something outside. She lazily strolled to the front door and glanced outside. A large rock was lying on the doorstep. It must have been thrown at the house, she thought. As she bent over to pick it up, though, her face twisted into one filled with horror. On the rock were inscribed two words (in Cantonese characters). They translate to English as "Got him!"

Mulan dropped the rock and ran back inside the house screaming, "GENE!!" over and over again. When she reached the baby's room, she screamed and dropped to her knees sobbing. Lightning flashed, and rain began to drizzle in through the open window directly above the empty cradle.

To Be Continued!