Fan Fiction
Mulan 2
By Fa Mai

Well it had been a few years since Mulan and Shang got married and right now they have two twin kids. A boy named Wong and a girl named Mai [ yes she's named after me ]. One day Mai walked in to the family room where her father was playing Solitare only the catch is she was dressed in the clothes Mulan had worn in the army. Shang was about to say somthing when Mai interupted him by saying " I was wondering if I could join the AK [ thats short for army karate where students have regular karate training only the compotition is in a war like manner], anyway Shangs answer was that at first he droped the cards because he was suprised then when he got over the shock he answered " Absolutly not. are you crazy". Mai was then angry because she knew the only thing stoping her was the fact that she was a girl. In her room she decided to wear a baseball cape pretetending to be a boy and show the world that girls are inportant.