Fan Fiction
Submitted by EarthMan12

Once upon a time there was a girl named Mulan, and she didn't want her father to go to war. She tried long and hard every day to get her father convinced that there are plenty of other young men out there. So it came the 1:00 in the morning when it was time for the soldiers to come.

Mulan: I know! I'll go without my father knowing!

So she cut her hair and put it in a tiny ponytail, then she put on the war clothes, and went byebye.

In The Guardian's Tower:

Mushu: Can I have another chance!? PLEASE!! PLEASE!!
Guardian keeper: No! But I have a job for you, go outside and wake the great stone dragon to watch over Mulan.
Mushu: Oh great rocky dude wake up... Hey stoney! wake up stoney!
::Knocks off the ear::
Mushu: Oops.
::It tumbles to the ground::
Guardian keeper: Oh great stone dragon have you awoken yet?
::Mushu puts on the great stone dragon head::
Mushu: Yes um.. I have awoken uhh.. to watch over.. the Mulan dude.