Fan Fiction
The Revenge of Shan Yu
By Carl D. Fritz

The body lay there in the robel from the exploisen of the rocket. Shan Yu stod and relised he had been bet by a woman. That was un exeptable for a leader of a great army. As he colleced what was left of his men and fleed China he had all ready started to plan his reveng on China.

As Shang and Mulan hade taken a walk Shang told her He loved her.

"Mulan I have to tell you."

"Yes Shang", Mulan enteruped. "I need to tell you that...I think.. you know... No thats not what I wanted to say I love you", He said finaly after taken a minet to relise what he had just said.

And as he said it dear old Granny Fa was peeking over the finces.

"What you think I didnít know that", Mulan said not knowing she was thinking a loud, "I love you too."

Well you know how women are they canít keep a secert werth rice. By the nexed day Granny Fa had told the whole town that Mulan was to be wedd to Shang. When the machmaker herd this she could not belive it, how could Mulan get a capten of the Chines army to fall in love with her. Granny Fa also anoused that the wedding was to take place 5 days from now. But what she had not pland on was one of Shan Yuís men to over hear the anounsment.

There was only one day left to the wedding and Mulan was wered that Ling, Yao, and Chien Po would not make it, and thats when she herd the singing comeing from down the street. She knew it could only be three people and she was over joyed. She wounderd wich one Shang had asked to be the best man. The only whay shed know is whene they got there.