Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

...As you should know, Mulan and Shang got hitched. The wedding was fantastic, Mulan wore a traditional Chinese Wedding Gown (it's red and has lucky symbols printed upon it, usually made of silk), with the tradition Chinese Wedding Veil (a hat with lots of ribbons, and beads, and jade, and really fancy and complex, the veil was just a plain red hanky placed over the bride's head on the hat). Shang wore the traditional Wedding "Tux" (it's black with lucky symbols printed all over, also made of silk), and a traditional Groom's Hat (a hat that usually is black and is shaped to fit the head perfectly, with a piece of jade in the front).

The young couple's wedding included rice cakes, moon cakes, and many other delightful Chinese delicacies. Mushu was the "Best Dragon", and Cri-Kee was the "Best Cricket", and Yao, Chien Po, and Ling were the "Best Men". After the wedding, everyone went their seperate ways (but always kept in touch), the gang of three all married the wives they sang about having in the original Mulan. Yao with a woman that admired his strength and could put up with he's bad temper, Chien Po with a rather chubby woman but a fantastic cook, Ling with a pretty girl who thought Ling was a God (how did that happen? Ha ha.). And that was that.

Soon, Shang and Mulan had twins, one was a boy, the other...a girl. The girl grew to be quite opposite from Mulan, she was a true Chinese lady who could make men love her with men like Chien Po eats food. The matchmaker loved her. The boy grew in his father's footsteps, however. And became a great war hero. So, everyone lives a happy life (just like the way Disney intended).