Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

..."Stop!" cried Mulan as she ran towards the two angry men. But Shang and Wei had already started fighting, but as Mulan came closer, a flying sword accidently struck her by her waist (the same place Shan Yu struck). Because the skin there had barely healed, it was till very weak, so Mulan collapsed on the floor the second she felt the blow... Shang and Wei looked at each other helplessly, Shang quickly scooped Mulan off the floor and carried her inside her house, into her room, and on her bed. Fa Zhou, Fa Li, and Granny Fa quickly rushed in.

The doctor had finally arrived, it seemed like centuries to Shang and Wei. They now thought of their actions as an idiotic way to express themselves. For if they hadn't frawn their swords, their beloved Mulan wouldn't be laying on the bed with a lifeless expression upon her lovely face. They were extremely worried, but when the doctor stepped out, he said that Mulan had a serious injury on her left side, but within time it would fully recover.

A month had passed now, Shang had stayed by Mulan's side since the accident occurred. Wei had to leave a few days after because the emperor needed him. Wei had gotten killed delivering a message from the palace to the northern part of China. No one blames him. The northern part of China is the coldest, extremenly mountainous, and most dangerous region in the country. Anyways, Shang had won back Mulan love (though she cried many nights when she heard of Wei's death), and now the two young lovers were to be married.

News traveled to the far places of China that the legendary woman warrior was to be wed to Captain Shang of the Imperial Army. Everyone agreed that this was a match made in heaven. At least everyone except Gwan Taoyen and family. Taoyen, acting much too dramatic, fake cried for the rest of her life, she would live to be an ugly, hateful old maid...while Mulan and her new husband lived in peace and happiness with their three friends Chien Po, Yao, and Ling.

Soon, Shang and Mulan started a family, the trio (Po, Yao, and Ling) married brides of their dreams, and everyone lived happily ever after...The End.

Note: An epilogue will be coming out soon for the MULAN II: THE SEQUEL: SERIES.