Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

Dear Readers:
Many of you have sent me e-mail. I really recieving feedback on my work, but lately I've been very busy, so I won't have time to answer them all, but if you may, please keep the letters coming! The suggestions effect my stories a great deal! Thx!


..."Who are you?" Shang asked suspiciously. "No, the question is WHO are YOU." Wei answered in the same tone of voice. "I am Li Shang, Captain of China's Great Imperial Army." Shang said. "Well, I'm a messenger from the emperor's palace." Wei said with a little fear tremoring in his eyes... "What are you doing here?" Shang asked. "I'm here to meet with Fa Mulan," replied Wei. "So am I." Shang said. "Well then, can I talk to her first?" Wei asked politely (he saw some of Shang's muscles). "Uh, I wanted to go though, besides, I was here first, and I have a very important question to ask Mulan..." Shang replied. "So do I, I bet my question is more important then your question." Wei said with more confidence. "Oh yeah? Well, what are you asking her?" Shang asked. "It's, um, kind of...personal. Well, what are you asking her?" Wei answered. "It's also...personal." Shang said a bit embarressed...

"Are we there yet?" asked Ling. "No, we're not there yet, you idiot! How many times have you asked? 18 million? Shut up! Just shut up!" Yao said with annoyance in his voice. "Ling? Yao? Remember, the path to wisdom is peace and some good food, calm down now Yao, and Ling? Shut up." Chien Po told both of them. Finally, after hours of non-stop walking, they reached Mulan's village...

"WHAT?! You're asking Mulan to marry you? But she loves me!" the two grown men started screaming at each other (they finally broke the ice...ha ha). Suddenly, Mulan opened the door...she saw two men trying to kill each other in her front yard, and three other staring at the fight in shock. Before Mulan had a chance to say anything, Shang pulled out his sword, and Wei did the same. "May the best man win." Shang said in a soft dangerous voice Mulan never heard him use. "May the best man win." Wei agreed sinisterly...