Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

To My Biggest Fan:
Sorry about not being able to let you be the first one to read this, but I lost your e-mail address, I'm very, very sorry... So, exchange for your forgivenessm I dedicate this story to you...

...*Yawn* Mulan opened her sleepy eyes, it was yet another morning, a bright and sunny day. She felt very happy, cheerful for some strange reason. But she didn't know that her cheerful and happy mood would soon turn into a pressured and heart wrenching mood because of Li Shang and Wang Wei life-changing proposals...

"What do you want to do?" Chien Po asked Yao. "Hmph, I don't know, how should I know? Why do I always have to make the decisions? Can't your lazy brains some thinking for once?" grumbled a cranky Yao who hadn't had a good physical fight in days. "Now Yao, don't get all on your high horse, chant with me, namo omitofo, namo omitofo, namo omitofo..." Chien Po said. "Stop fighting, why don't we all go visit our good friend Ping- er, I mean Mulan? Afterall, we're only a village away from her town." Ling suggested. After few punches and bruises, they all agreed to Ling's idea, and set off to Mulan's village.

Shang woke up the next morning not quite remembering where he was, then, it hit him...Mulan, marriage, happiness... He jumped out of bed, did his usual morning routine. One hundred push-ups, a hundred sit-ups, the martial arts routine, and got dressed, ate, and was Mulan's house.

"Ah! I'm late!", Wei thought to himself. He quickly dressed himself, and rushed out the door towards Mulan's home. It was there where the major marriage problem occured. Shang and Wei met each other for the first time by the door to Mulan's home...