Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

...Mulan rushed home carrying her basket of fruits and veggies, but she accidently tripped on a rock and spilled all the food on Wei. "Hey, I know you, you're that girl that ran off when I was asking you something..." Wei said. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Sir!" Mulan cried apologetically. "Well, sorry isn't enough, do you have any idea how much this silk cost? Now you got beggars food all over it, how do you suppose I'm to get the stains out?" Wei asked angrily. "I said I was sorry, but I'll pay for a new one, I promise," Mulan said indignantly. "Ha! Poor folks like you can't afford fine things like this, but I suppose I could use an extra servent or something..." Wei answered. "You think you're all that, but guess what? You're not, my father, Fa Zhou, would never let any member of his family stoop to a slave's level, besides, our family is fairly well off..." Mulan said with her black eyes flashing angrily. " "Did you say your father was Fa Zhou? Would that make you the legendary...Fa Mulan?" Wang Wei gasped nervously. "Of course that would make me Mulan, who else would I be?" Mulan answered annoyed...

"Ohhh Shang! You're sooo funny! I think you're the handsomest man in the world!" Gwan Taoyen squealed. "Uh, thanks," mumbled a very annoyed Captain Li Shang. "You're sooo brave, I would've fainted at the sight of war battle! How did you ever survive?" Taoyen asked with her fake eyelashes blinking like an idiot. "I, um, just...did, I guess?" answered Shang. "Eek! My eyelash just fell in my tea, eew!" shrieked Taoyen. Seeing this as a good time to escape, Shang quickly dashed off into another room.

That night, Shang hadn't changed into his pajamas, he decided to run away from home, even though the idea was childish, it still excited him. He would slip away in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep, then he would ride for the remainder of the night to Mulan's, the woman he loved, village. There, he would propose, and *sigh* just thinking of her made his heart beat faster. But he quickly returned to reality, how would he explain to his stepmother about his refusal of marrying the ditzy Taoyen? Well, he'll just quickly marry his beloved Mulan and then, it's worry-free happy days for the rest of his life. Yeah, that's what he'd do...