Fan Fiction
By Ally (No e-mail provided)

...After dinner Shang reluctantly announced that he had to leave for home, but would love to come over again sometime, and if Mulan could, he'd invite her over to his home for dinner, or something like that.

"Where have you been?!" asked Shang's strict stepmother (angrily), Li Tiang, after he arrived home from Mulan's. "I was just over at a, um, uh, friend's house eating dinner, and, uh, we were celebrating the, um, victory over the Huns! Yeah, that's where I was, sorry if I was late," Shang answered nervously. "Well, you know you have a big day tomorrow, Gwan Tzu's daughter will be coming over to meet you, you don't want to be late for that now do you?" Li Tiang asked sharply. "No, stepmother..." Shang said.

Strange, isn't it? The almighty, fearless Captain Shang is afraid of...of...a woman? But not just any woman, a stepmother, she used to be his strict tutor when he was just a little boy, but when Shang's mother died of a strange illness, his father General Li, remarried to this monsterous gal.

Shang hated Gwan Tzu's daughter, she was an annoying, selfish, spoiled, and ugly (not to mention stupid) brat. Her name was Gwan Taoyen. She thought she was beautiful, witty, and Shang's wife-to-be. His (Shang's) stepmother had been trying to match the rich girl and the military man for years. Because if they married, she would become a VERY rich woman...but Shang's heart belonged to another girl, this girl was pretty, a little naive, yet witty and smart, this girl also saved his life in the war between the Huns, this girl was Mulan...